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Off The Charts Football Podcast

Sep 16, 2021

On this week's show, Nathan Cooper (@ncoopdraft) and Alex Vigderman (@VigManOnCampus) look back at Week 1 - surprises and overreactions for everything from Aaron Rodgers and the Packers to Tyrod Taylor and the Texans (1:38).
Then, we dive in on the 3 most intriguing matchups of Week 2: Chiefs-Ravens (8:13), Bills Dolphins (12:26), and 49ers-Eagles (18:34), plus a bonus look at Cowboys-Chargers and Rams-Colts (22:49).
We close with another edition of Scouts & Stats featuring Matt Manocherian (@mattmano), picking the potential surprises (and other stuff) in Week 2. (24:47)
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