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Off The Charts Football Podcast

May 2, 2019

Former NFL scout Matt Manocherian (@mattmano) of Sports Info Solutions and football analytics pioneer Aaron Schatz (@FO_ASchatz) of Football Outsiders recap the 2019 NFL Draft. The duo takes issue with some of the things being said on "Football Analytics Twitter" (3:31) before doing a team-by-team breakdown of the draft in which they discuss the moves made by the Cardinals (7:31), Falcons (9:33), Ravens (12:45), Bills (13:50), Panthers (14:40), Bears (15:42), Bengals (17:11), Browns (18:06), Colts (18:53), Jaguars (20:05), Dolphins (21:19), Patriots (22:31), Eagles (25:05), Seahawks (26:11), 49ers (27:31), Redskins (28:08) and Saints (29:04).