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Off The Charts Football Podcast

Oct 14, 2021

On this episode of Off The Charts, Matt Manocherian (@mattmano), John Todd (@therealjohntodd), and Nathan Cooper (@ncoopdraft) review NFL Week 5 and look ahead to some of the most notable games of Week 6. The group opens the show with a debate about whether the Chiefs' season is in trouble (0:29) before recapping the biggest Week 5 storylines (3:47). They then move to Week 6, where they discuss the Chargers-Ravens (17:50), Cardinals-Browns (21:05), Raiders-Broncos (24:35), Seahawks-Steelers (26:20), and Bills-Titans (29:04). Alex Vigderman (@VigManOnCampus) joins the show for the final segment and discusses the case for and against Trevon Diggs (32:42).

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