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Off The Charts Football Podcast

Sep 13, 2018

Former NFL Scout Matt Manocherian of Sports Info Solutions and football analytics pioneer Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders break down all the key matchups in the game behind the game.  In this episode, they discuss…

WR Screens on 3rd and long (0:20)

DVOA for the Jets and Bills (2:49)

NFC vs. AFC (6:50)

Overreaction Monday and ESPN as an octopus (9:30)

Lowering the helmet and roughing the passer calls (11:30)

Recap of Week 1 Games of the Week:

Falcons-Eagles (13:50)

Steelers-Browns (17:17)

Chiefs-Chargers (20:53)

Week 2 Games of the Week:

Chiefs-Steelers (25:20)

Vikings-Packers (27:00)

Patriots-Jaguars (33:35)