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Off The Charts Football Podcast

Oct 1, 2015

Arizona continues to dominate the DVOA rankings, and Scott Spratt of Sports Info Solutions and Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders explain how rare their performance has been historically.  From there, they segue into discussing the anti-Cardinals, the Chicago Bears, who have been far and away the worst team in DVOA this season.  Which of their other players could be on the trading block in addition to Jared Allen and Jon Bostic?  The Oakland Raiders have started the year 2-and-1, and Derek Carr may be taking the leap.  What do DVOA and DYAR say about him, how much better is the offensive around him, and is their defense bad enough to prevent them from making run?  Finally, the two discuss the suddenly defensive-minded Denver Broncos.  Is that defense so good that the team can succeed with the physically-declining Peyton Manning and a lack of running attack?