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Off The Charts Football Podcast

Nov 25, 2021

On this episode, Mark Simon (@markasimonsays), SIS VP of Football Matt Manocherian (@MattMano) and Lead Football Analyst Alex Vigderman (@VigManonCampus) preview some of the key games in Week 12.

But before they do … they first do quick takes on the key goings on in Week 11 and do a full-fledged walkthrough on how Total Points are dispersed among players, using a Derek Carr fumble as an example. You can learn more about Total Points in this primer.

They then preview Titans-Patriots, Rams-Packers, and Browns-Ravens and pick the most watchable elements of each game.


They close the show with “Scouts versus Stats” evaluating what you look for in a good Thanksgiving meal.


Thank you to all our listeners. We hope you have a great holiday.

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