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Off The Charts Football Podcast

Jul 15, 2021

On this episode of the Off The Charts Football Podcast, Matt Manocherian (@mattmano) is joined by former OTC co-host Aaron Schatz (@FO_ASchatz) to discuss the 2021 Football Outsiders Almanac. Matt and Aaron dive deep into this year's book, opening with a look at "This Year in Quotes" (2:23) before moving to the team projections, starting with the top teams like the Bucs, Ravens, and Chiefs (4:34), some interesting totals for the Patriots and Steelers (12:43), questions for the Cowboys and 49ers (18:05), the Packers, Saints, and Broncos (21:08), the bottom of the list including the Lions, Texans, Jags, and Bengals (26:39), an interesting look at the Chargers (33:48), teams who could outperform their projections (38:52), and a round of The Random Page Game (42:12).

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