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Off The Charts Football Podcast

Jun 16, 2022

On this special throwback edition of the Off The Charts Football Podcast from February 18, 2021, Matt Manocherian (@mattmano) and Mark Simon (@MarkASimonSays) are joined by N. Jeremi Duru (@NJeremiDuru), an author and law professor who is an expert on the NFL and its head coach hiring practices as relates to People of Color. The group discusses how the NFL is doing in that regard (2:56), how owners often rush head coach hiring decisions and don’t know what they’re looking for (4:42), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a model for putting together a coaching room (9:31), and the idea of a hiring moratorium during the playoffs (14:24). They also touch on the importance of knowing who Fritz Pollard is (21:04).

If you want to hear more from Matt, Mark, and Jeremi about Diversity in the NFL, check out our episode from February 24, 2022 that also features Joe Horrigan of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Thanks for listening, and we'll be back with a new episode in a couple of weeks.